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When thinking about your wedding reception, you'll want to consider the look of your tables and what you should choose by way of decoration. Firstly, it's best to take into consideration space, particularly if you're having alot of dishes/glasses on the table or 'help yourself' accompaniment plates for your meal. If you're having a 5ft round table, seating 10 people, we would suggest narrow centrepieces, such as lily vases, which are tall and impressive, without taking up a lot of room. However, if you are having a large table or have very little dinnerware to accommodate, something wider like a fishbowl or birdcage would create a nice feature and make your table look less sparse. 

At Pop Goes The Weasel, we offer a wide range of centrepieces and are happy to adapt any of our existing items to suit the style you're looking for. Using a mixture of fresh and artificial flowers, aqua beads and foliage, we can create something as simple or flamboyant as you wish. If you would like something specific that you don't see on our site, please contact us, as we are updating and adding to our product catalogue all the time.


An ever popular choice with brides, fishbowls are very versatile and provide an attractive fuss-free centrepiece. Choose a single fishbowl, or stack two or three to add a bit of height. We offer the option of fresh or artificial flowers, as well as floating candles, rose petals and paper flowers. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Striking and elegant, candelabras are the perfect centrepiece for a stately home wedding or to add a little light in a dark reception room. We can supply real or artificial candles as an extra if required, but suggest you check with your venue (particularly if you're having a marquee wedding) before settling on real candles. Decoration can be simple, with the addition of delicate bead and pearls, or more extravagant with green foliage and flowers. Please contact us for prices and further decor suggestions. 

Lily Vases

Sophisticated and elegant, our simple white vases look beautiful with a spray of fresh white lilies, feathers or beads protruding from the top. For venues with high ceilings, tall centrepieces are the ideal choice, however, on a circular table, anything tall and wide may get in the way of guests wishing to converse across the table. At less than 10cm wide, lily vases are unobtrusive yet striking, enhancing your table without being a nuisance. 

Bird Cages

We offer two sizes and styles of birdcage, our charming Chinese octagonal canary cages and our large orangery shaped love-bird cages. Both lend themselves to an array of decoration and look fabulous with fresh flowers and foliage. Popular with marquee and barn weddings, these cages are the ultimate compliment to a vintage theme. Both artificial and fresh flowers can be used, please contact us for a quote.

Hurricane Vases

We stock many sizes and styles of glassware, including the increasingly requested hurricane vases. These versatile vases look beautiful with a pillar candle inside, with coloured petals, a single flower, or aquabeads at the bottom. The detail in the glass refracts and ripples the light from the lit candle, creating a very charming effect. As with the candelabras, we suggest checking with your venue before committing to real candles. Please contact us to discuss hurricane vases in more detail.

Martini Glasses

We stock two sizes of martini glass, both of which are pictured below. Often decorated with aqua beads or floating candles, these striking centrepieces are very much admired and often selected for parties and corporate events, such as award ceremonies. Contact us for a quote.


  • Red Rose centrepiece
    Straight Vase, Fresh Red Rose
  • candelabra with champagne roses
    Candelabra with Champagne Roses
  • Large Birdcages, Fresh Flowers
    Large Birdcage, Fresh Flowers
  • centrepiece1
    Fishbowl Centrepiece
  • centrepiece2
    Candelabra with foliage
  • Straight Vase with Rose
    Straight Vase, Fresh Ivory Rose
  • birdcage
    Small Wooden Birdcage
  • centrepiece4
    Swan vases with beads
  • Handmade Paper Rose
    Handmade Paper Rose
  • centrepiece6
    Small Martini Glass
  • centrepiece5
    Large Martini Glass
  • Candelabra with Champagne Roses
    Candelabra with Champagne Roses
  • Large Birdcage
    Large Birdcage
  • ivory flower lights
    Ivory Flower Lights
  • ncent7
    Floating Candle
  • turquoise rose
    Straight Vase, Turquoise Fake Flower
  • ncent6
    Large Birdcage, Fresh Flowers
  • Hurricane Vase
    Hurricane Vase
  • lilyvase
    Lily Vase with Ostrich Feathers